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Informational, computer and applied ethics as theoretical components of ethics of global communicative space


The article deals with the problem of correlation of different areas of applied ethics knowledge for possible compliance as a basic component for the ethic of global communication space. In particular, we are talking about information ethics, which is today one of the rapidly developing areas of the application of modern ethics and analysis of this trend in terms of the capacity of his transfer to the analysis of the ethics of global communication space as a whole. In this regard, it is noted that the problem of formation of information ethics for ethics in general are not new, but it is difficult to analyze in terms of the existing philosophical ethics of common problems and trends. Of course, it should be noted that the specificity of information ethics exists and it is due to common factors in the development of modern information society and post-industrial culture, which is manifested fully in computer ethics – one of the areas of information ethics. Complementarity of these areas is also today a much discussed theoretical problem. Moreover, when applied to the analysis of the current global communication space is left open the question of its possible theoretical components. Complexity of the issue of content is based on a number of dilemmas that exist within the information ethics. Among these dilemmas may be noted the contradiction between the high public awareness and unreliable information; contradiction between the abundance of information and redundancy, uselessness, meaninglessness; contradiction between the broad dissemination of information and its unavailability; contradiction between the information richness of modern man and the destructive influence of information on the human psyche; contradiction between freedom of expression and opinion and the manipulation of consciousness. Only by solving a number of particular issues we can talk about the formation of a single ethical field of global communication space. For this reason, the creation of a global communication space ethics and applied ethics, and information ethics are complementary and necessary.


ethics; applied ethics; computer ethics; information ethics; Internet ethics; netiquette; global communication

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Section of issue

Questions of theory and methodology

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