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Analysis of conditions preceding the creation of model of sustainable development of industrial sector


The trends of development of the process of industrial production have a considerable degree universal nature and a similar effect on the development of world economy and on the economy of Russia. Globalization of the economy long before the finalization was accompanied by the removal of industrial production outside the industrialized countries on the periphery of the world economy. One of the main motivations of this process was the desire of large industrial companies in developed countries and transnational corporations form a real economy, located in developing countries, such as Russia, where industrial production is carried out with the involvement of the mass of low-wage labor. Development of export production processes of the world’s centers of economic, scientific and industrial development on the periphery had tangible consequences. These include coverage of technological chains of significant number of countries with developing economies and education in these industrial regions. Strengthening the international division of labor has intensified specialization of production processes, its centralization and cooperation. Prerequisite for the formation of effective models of sustainable development of the industrial sector of the economy of Russia is the analysis of the conditions of industrial development in the world economy.


control of steady development; factors of development; strategy of development

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