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Social and political attitudes of peasants of Tambov and Kozlov counties in 1930–1933 on the basis of reports and correspondences OGPU


A study of the socio-political mood of the peasants in the period of collective farming is considered. The features of the formation of the polar positions of villagers to the activities of Soviet power are given. The causes, course and consequences of peasant uprisings in 1930, as well as government measures to eliminate “pockets of discontent” are analyzed. The geographic scope of the spread of dissent is defined. A quantitative comparison scope of peasant unrest in the Tambov and Kozlov districtsis considered. The cause of activity in some areas and in other inertia is given. Particular attention is paid to the social and political views of the peasants in the areas of “Antonov”. Separately the conditions of crime and banditry, and the nature and scope of its activities are examined. The position of the local population to this category of people and ways to combat rising crime authorities in the region are investigated. The role of the old wives riots in destabilizing the situation in the field is assessed. The source base of research is reports and correspondence of GPU contained in the collections of the State Archive of Socio-Political History of Tambov region. Access to this historical source has long been closed, which made it impossible to fully identify the relationship between power and features of the peasant society at the stage of socialist construction in the USSR.


GPU; social and political attitudes; Tambov and Kozlov districts; collective farming; peasant uprisings; banditry; old wives riots; “passive resistance”

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History and political science

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