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Formation of professional consciousness of Bachelor in pedagogy as part of his autopedagogical competence


One of the actual problems of University education, formation of professional consciousness of Bachelor in pedagogy as part of his autopedagogical competence, is considered. The definitions of such terms as the professional consciousness, subject of pedagogical activity and autopedagogical competence are given, the place of the professional consciousness in forming of this competence is found. The topicality of the article is defined by the demands of the modern higher education to the future teachers, which key characteristics can be listed as not only getting the knowledge of the professional subjects but also such practical skills as self-reflection and self-consciousness. The aim of the investigation is to define the influence of the professional consciousness on the whole motivation to pedagogical profession. The experience of diagnosis of the professional consciousness of students of pedagogical university and possible ways of forming it in the High education conditions is considered. As the result of conducted review of theoretical literature and investigation of the professional consciousness some conclusions were made that the professional consciousness as the psychological category can be dynamic and undergo changes from influence of outer factors such as carrying out of the certain practical work with students for its development.


future teacher; professional consciousness; subjectivity; autopedagogical competence; pedagogical personal qualities

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Pedagogics and psychology

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