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Organizational methodic approaches for differentiation of training process of young skiers


The organizational and methodical approaches to differentiation of training process of young skiers of racers are considered. The essence of the research conducted by us directed on introduction in training process of young skiers of individual of differentiated approach is disclosed. The principles of gradual increase in loading, adaptation processes of an organism to constantly changing training conditions, according to the theory of a stress of Hans Selye are considered. The phases of a physiological stress proceeding at impact on an organism of training loadings are described. Approaches to equipment of performance of a classical course on an example the technician of the known Soviet skier, the Olympic champion V. Kuzin and Norwegian H. Gross are investigated, in particular, the optimum angle of pushing away in classical courses was considered. Besides stages of long-term training of skiers-racers, with characteristic ratios of volumes and intensity of work at certain stages of preparation are listed. As the recommended number of starts defined by us for children who are included into experimental group is stated. The first results of our research conducted in experimental group on the basis of CYSS of Uvarovo according to which in experimental group are presented three subgroups were allocated: strong, average and weak. On the basis of these data we developed the training program for experimental group, taking into account adequacy of loadings in subgroups. It is suggested that will allow increasing significantly results engaged in each subgroup.


adaptation; training process; methods of preparation; individual the differentiated approach; young skiers-racers

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Pedagogics and psychology

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