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Dynamics and the branch structure of the industrial production of the cities of the regional submission of Krasnodar Land


The industry is one of the main branches of economy of Krasnodar Land. The industry is one of the main branches of economy of Krasnodar territory, it is about 16 % of a total regional product (TRP) of the region accumulated in it, and in some cities of region makes more than 50 % of incomes of the budget. In the industry of Krasnodar territory since 1995 till 2007 the positive dynamics is observed, the industrial production index in 2007 has made 120,8 %. The branch structure of cities of regional submission, and Krasnodar territory as a whole, is characterized by the prevalence of branches of the food-processing industry, also mechanical engineering, chemical and oil refining branches, extraction of nonmetallic building raw materials and manufacture of building materials are widely developed.


city; budget; gross regional product; dynamics; mining industry; investments; manufacturing industry; branch structure; branch; industry.

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