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National language in the history of Russian statehood


The research relevance on the relationship between the national language and statehood is determined by intensification of contradictions in modern society associated with the neglect or selective attitude of politicians to certain processes of linguistic identification of an individual, people and state. The purpose of the study is to reveal the reasons for the ignorant nihilism of so-called “titular nation” in relation to the “undeveloped” or “non-indigenous” peoples. As an alternative, a project is proposed for the creative construction of the Russian state on the basis of preserving the right of each peoples to their own culture as part of national language. Its special status is not always associated with the point date of the emergence of a nation or a particular national language in the era of capitalism. It is determined by long process of formation of the original language culture, starting from Ancient Rus’ and the formation of the Russian Empire up to the present, characterized by devastating consequences of an unprofessional view of the problem of language construction. Free interpretations of the concepts of state, regional, non-territorial languages, languages of nationalities or native language and attempts to fit the norms of modern state life under the category of exclusivity of a certain nationality, one ruling class, one religion or language of communication in the conditions of interpenetration and interdependence of modern cultures are criticized. As a conclusion, ways are proposed to restore the traditional model of Russian statehood, associated with the preservation of multicultural and multinational community, materialized in the national language.


nation and classes, language of communication and community, national language and languages of nationalities, state and native language, regional and non-territorial languages, language and culture, national-language policy, nationalism and patriotism

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Russian language. languages of peoples of russia

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