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Issues of jurisdiction of disputes to arbitration. Comparative analysis of legislation of BRICS states


We analyze the issues of legal regulation of jurisdiction of disputes types to arbitration in the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Evidently, an importance of the BRICS countries in modern international economy is objectively obvious, since they are major economic and political actors on the world stage. The Russian Federation plays an important role in this association. The institution of commercial arbitration or arbitration dispute proceedings is a historically recognized and effective way to resolve conflicts and protect the rights and interests of economic entities. The experience of the BRICS countries in regulating this institution seems interesting for research. A detailed and objective comparative analysis of the BRICS states legislation regulating arbitration sphere is carried out. The types of arbitrable and non-arbitrable disputes are identified. The main problems in the legal regulation of this area are identified, the main of which is a lack of clear and specific indications of disputes types that are subject to and not subject to arbitration. We suggest ways and means of solving the above problematic issues.


arbitration, arbitration dispute proceedings, arbitral tribunal, jurisdiction, arbitrability of disputes, competence, BRICS states

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Procedural law

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