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Discontinuous deformation caused by the change of microstructure of AMg6 alloy


The results of investigation the effect of microstructure on the jerky flow characteristics is presented. The structure-sensitive effects of jerky flow is found, namely, transition from smooth to stepped deformation curve of cold-rolling AMg6 alloy with increasing of annealing temperature. This transition has two aspects: (i) appearance of deformation jump of 3–4 % magnitude at earlier stage of the first recrystallization (after the annealing at 220 C) and (ii) sharp growth of the jump account and fraction of jerky flow in the narrow temperature interval of annealing (250–270 C) in which there is transition of metastable -phase to stable -phase. It is established that dissolution of the Guinier-Preston zones in recrystalline grained structure of the alloy in temperature interval 40–72 C creates transition from stepped to smooth deformation curves.


aluminum-magnesium alloy, unstable deformation, dislocations, precipitates, the Guinier-Preston zones







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