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Influence of cathodic polarization on hydrogen diffusion through a steel membrane made of ethanol solutions HCl.


Influence of cathodic polarisation of the entrance side of a steel membrane (ВСМ) and concentration НС1 (0,99-10 mol/l) on a parity of speeds of reaction of allocation of hydrogen and its diffusion through a steel (ρ) in muriatic ethanol solutions with the constant ionic force equal 1 is investigated. It is shown that ρ decreases with shift of potential of the polarizing side of a membrane in a negative side and increases with reduction of . Results are interpreted taking into account degree of filling of a surface by two forms of the adsorbed hydrogen: over-surface Н and under-surface Н.


steel; hydrogen; category; recombination; membrane; diffusion; speed; cathodic polarisation; ethanol

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