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Diagnostic and treatment of metabolic syndrome in hospital. Objective


The article presents an estimation of the efficacy of metabolic syndrome (MS) features (hyperuricemia, arterial hypertenthion, dislipidemia, obese) correction on the basis of insulin resistance treatment. As a result of the research among the group of patients Hyperuricemia was present in 72,9 % of goat patients with MS. Hypertriglyceridemia was founded in 62,2 %, hypercholesterolemia in 78,4 % patients with goat and MS. MS was present in arterial hypertension patients in 24,4 %. Hospital treatment with metformin provided significant decrease concentrations of uric acid, triglycerides and cholesterol. MS somatometric features did not change. Conclusion. Administration of metformin in hospital is necessary initial stage of long term goat therapy with medications decreasing insulin resistance. This stage should include choice of effective dose of the drug, assessment of its tolerability, evaluation of possibility correction of other MS features.


metabolic syndrome; arterial hypertension; goal; dyslipidemia; hyperuricemia; obesity; metformin; siofor; uric acid

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