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Use of fractals in the problems of information security


The present study is devoted to the mathematical modeling of the process of information security in an information computer network of the organization by means of fractal computation. It is suggested to consider the security of every computer-assisted working place using the property set, which can be represented in a fractal form, and then, using the properties of self-similarity, project the obtained results onto the whole system of information security. The significant part of the work is devoted to the description of fractals properties. The use of three fractals is suggested, the first of which describes the possibility of the infliction of harm to information, the second - information security requirements and the third - system capabilities of information security in a data-processing network. The results of the modeling can be used in real systems of information security, which are symmetrical to the main elements. In the case of asymmetry it is necessary to take into account additional boundary conditions while changing from low-level to upper-level structures.


fractals; topological dimension; computer network; system of information security

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