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conditions improvement for berry and ornamental plants micropropagation


The characteristic properties of all steps of clonal micropropagation of berry and ornamental plants, such as raspberry, blackberry and its hybrids, actinidia, honeysuckle, barberry, schizandra chinensis, lilac and klematis were investigated. As a result more efficient concentrations and combination of hormones and mineral salts, which provide high intensive proliferation of microshoots and rizogenesis was stated. We also studied some conditions of rooting period in the way of influence on plantlets adaptation .


optimization of environment structure; red raspberry; raspberry and blackberry hybrids; blackberry; kinds of garden strawberries; honeysuckle; black and red carrants; gooseberry; sorts of actinidia kolomikta; actinidia polygama; actinidia arguta; actinidia purple; barberries thunbergii; schizandra chinensis; eleutherococcus spiny; klematis; lilac profiled

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