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Nutrition problems of modern student


The protection and strengthening of student's health is determined by lifestyle. The problem of nutrition is actual for all levels of population, education, beginning with preschool and up to post university. It is stated that the influence of separate components of students lifestyle taken for 100 % is very important. The regime of sleep takes 24-30 %, the regime of nutrition - 10-16 %, the regime of activity - 15-30 %. As these processes are observed during 5-6 years of studying, they greatly influence on students' health. If the level of health of 1 year students is regarded as 100 %, 2 year students level decreases on 10 %; 3 year - on 15-17 %, 4 year - more than 25 %.


student's health; physical development; lifestyle; nutrition problem; chronic diseases; gastrointestinal disorders

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