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Kinetics of hydrogen escape on iron and its diffusion through membrane of ethylene glycol


The article scrutinizes the influence of guanidine concentration on the speed of hydrogen escape reaction (HER) on iron in ethylene glycol and ethylene glycol water (50 mass % of water) solutions HC1 with constant ionic power. In ethylene glycol environments guanidine doesn't change the speed of HER and the nature of decelerated stage, but increases the stream of hydrogen diffusion through steel membrane. In the environments with binary solvent, consisting of 50 mass % С2Н4(ОН)2 (water is the rest) and the same electrolyte solution, the speed of ion discharge (NH2)2CNH2+ determinates the first stage of HER, the second stage passes as Tafel reaction. The rise of initial guanidine concentration stimulates HER and slightly changes the stream of hydrogen diffusion in the metal.


ethylene glycol; water; chlorine hydride; cathode; iron; discharge; diffusion; steel; absorption

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