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Polytetrafluoroethylene-based nanocomposites obtained by new technology


The paper presents the new methods for the obtaining of nanocomposites based on fluoropolymer from the gas-phase environment and the evaluation of their performance characteristics. The main technological way to obtain homogeneous nanocomposites based on fluoropolymers is the pyrolysis of the charge, containing the block PTFE and easily degradable inorganic ammonium fluorides, followed by condensation of the pyrolysis products. The obtained by this technology molecular PTFE composite with SiO2. TiO2 and CoO2 are used as modifying additives to determine the effect of PTFE molecular composites (TFP and CFP CoFP) on the performance of the combined micro-nanocomposite PTFE. The obtained nanocomposites including metal (Ti, Co), ceramic (Si) and ultrafine PTFE nanoparticles synthesized from the gas phase environment have reduced thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity (15 ÷ 20 %), elevated heat resistance (25 ÷ 30º) and endurance in abrasion conditions (in 1,5 ÷ 3 times) as compared with the virgin PTFE.


nanocomposites based on fluoropolymer; gas phase mixing; metal and ceramic nanoparticles; thermal, dielectric and tribological properties; severe plastic deformation.

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