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Regional toponymy as a material for the work of journalists of regional mass media


We consider the place of toponymic material in the professional activity of journalists of regional mass media. The toponymic issues of publications of the district media include etymological references to the current name of the settlement or its original versions (if the settlement was renamed), information about the disappeared settlements that were located on the territory of the district, modern and former names of streets and parts of the settlement, about people in whose honor settlements, streets, squares, alleys, squares, etc. were named, local toponymic legends and traditions. The purpose of the study is, using the example of regional newspapers of the Voronezh region, to identify local linguistic publications devoted to the currently existing and disappeared names of geographical objects (settlements, streets), to develop proposals for local linguistic education of journalists of regional media. It is concluded that journalists of regional newspapers in their publications actively use local existing and disappeared toponymic material, which can also be used by onomatologists as a serious source for scientific research. In conclusion, it was noted that scientists can also provide great scientific and methodological assistance to journalists in the effective search for new toponymic information for the preparation of interesting and informative local linguistic publications.


Russian language, journalism, sociolinguistics, local linguistics, onomastics, toponymy, oikonyms, urbanonyms, commemoration, toponymic martyrology

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