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Information base analysis of indicators of marketing strategy


The necessity of the implementation of information systems in the company, which are the main data sources for developing and implementing the company’s strategy, is considered. The problem of lacking information in the accounting was demonstrated on data required for creation marketing strategy in telecomunication sphere. The main types of systems that can be implemented by the company, to reflect the processes occurring in it to get the complete information about its activities are considered. Having analyzed the conditions affecting the decision-making process on the information systems development and implementation, it is concluded about the key principles of the information systems’ data structure and analytical tools. The basic requirements for information systems to be used effectively in order to obtain actual data with the required level of detail that are the basis for the analysis of company’s activities are included. In this way, the successful development and implementation of the company's strategy depends on the completeness and quality of information systems. Therefore, the implementation of information systems should take place with all the requirements of the business units of the company, the company's ability to finance these systems and accurate understanding of the benefits of their implementation.


information systems company; implementation of information systems; principles of filling information systems; analytical tools of information systems; marketing strategy

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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