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Changing of size and age characteristics of population of bream as a result of intense infestation by Ligula intestinalis


Quantitative analysis of the age structure of the population of bream in the Volga Basin shows a uniform reduction of its numbers, which manifests itself gradually, from six to seven years. The number of adult bream (6 years and older) is reduced by 48.2 % in comparison with younger age groups. In the natural centers of ligulosis this index is reached 65–71.8 %. The comparison of the size and weight of infected and non-infected specimens of the bream born in the same year shows reduction of weight almost 35 %, length – 11 %. With intensive invasion of L. intestinalis the content of protein in muscle decreased on 24.3 %, and fat – 20 %, the energy value is reduced on 18.6 %.


Volga Basin; population characters; parasites of fishes; Ligula intestinalis; biochemical studies.

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