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Morphological structure of some populations of great crested newt Triturus cristatus (Laurenti, 1768) from Middle Volga region


The study of morphological structure of three populations of great crested newt from the Middle Volga region (n = 113) was carried out. Sexual dimorphism was found only on characters TL and L (Mordovia, Mari-El), Lcd (Mari-El), WI and Ltc/L (Mordovia), Pa/Pp (Chuvashia, Mari-El). Sexual differences on occurrence of phenocomplexes and phenotypes are not found, but geographic differences were found. In Mordovian population the phenotype mozaica is predominated (62 %), while in Mari-El – phenotype maculata (63 %). From phenocomplexes Mzhr (56 % in Mordovia and 21 % in Mari-El) and M (37 % in Mordovia and 42 % in Mari-El) were found most often in studies populations. Phenocomplex hm was not registered in Mordovian population, and was found in males (13 %) and females (28 %) in Mari-El population. From abnormalities polydactyly and symmetric skin neoplasms on the head were registered.


great crested newt; Triturus cristatus; morphology; Middle Volga region.

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