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Thermobiology features of island populations of steppe ratsnake (Elaphe dione) and common grass snake (Natrix natrix) in central zone of Volgograd Reservoir in summer season


A comparative analysis of the thermobiology of several populations of steppe ratsnake Elaphe dione and common grass snake Natrix natrix in the conditions of the Kruglyi Island in the central zone of the Volgograd Reservoir (the vicinity of the town Rovnoe, the Saratov Province) in the summer season was carried out. The rectal temperature of the studied species was shown to be 17.0–34.4 °С and 17.4–40.1 °С for N. natrix and E. dione, respectively. The optimal temperature for N. natrix and E. dione should be considered as 25.7–32.6 °С and 26.8–34.9 °С, respectively. In the whole, steppe ratsnake is somewhat more thermophilic than common grass snake.


Reptilia; Colubridae; Elaphe dione; Natrix natrix; body temperature; Saratov Province.

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