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Comparative characteristic of urinal sperm of three species of palearctic brown frogs


Study of amphibian urinal sperm characteristics is an actual problem because of surge on interest to problems of cryobanking of animal genomes, in particular, to the problems of amphibian urinal sperm cryobanking. The study presents comparative analysis of urinal sperm indices of three species of palearctic brown frogs: common frog Rana temporaria, moor frog R. arvalis, and Iranian long-legged frog R. macrocnemis pseudodalmatina. It was demonstrated that a common frog differs reliably from moor and Iranian long-legged frogs on such parameters as: spermatozoa concentration in urinal sperm; total amount of spermatozoa in a sperm sample and spermatozoa life span. As the success rate of cryopreservation of amphibian urinal sperm depends on its mentioned parameters, the study should be useful for development of techniques for cryopreservation of palearctic brown frogs urinal sperm.


amphibians; brown frogs; urinal sperm; spermatozoa; cryopreservation.

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