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Suggestions for optimizing the fight against highly organized forms of economic crime


Socially dangerous acts committed by deception and (or) the breach of trust by examining examples of modern forensic investigative practices, opinions of Russian scientists are analyzed. The publication contains a number of science-based proposals for qualification criminal attacks perpetrated by fraudsters using the Internet (so-called “World Wide Web”), discusses the specifics of this type of computer fraud. The practical significance of the proposals is to develop guidelines aimed at improving the efficiency of law enforcement agencies in the prevention, detection and investigation of financial fraud. Presented conclusions and suggestions can effectively address the problems of providing financial security at different levels of functioning of the economic system of the state. Primarily targeted for problems solution related to the current issues that arise at the present stage of the fight against domestic and transnational forms of crime.


fraud; theft; buying of another's property by deception and (or) breach of confidence; qualification; Internet; types of computer fraud; organized crime; domestic and transnational types of crime

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1. Prestupnost' v izmenyayushchemsya mire i problemy optimizatsii bor'by s ney / pod red. A.I. Dolgovoy. M., 2006. 2. Kriminologicheskaya kharakteristika sostoyaniya prestupnosti v Tsentral'nom federal'nom okruge RF i prognoz razvitiya kriminogennoy situatsii v regione do 2008 g.: analiticheskie materialy. M., 2009. 3. Zorin Ya. Mafiya bessmertna? Eto mif // Izvestiya. 2007. 31 yanvarya. 4. Barannik I.N. Sotrudnichestvo pravookhra-nitel'nykh organov rossiyskogo Dal'nego Vostoka i stran ATR v bor'be s transnatsional'noy prestupnost'yu: avtoref. dis. … kand. yurid. nauk. Vladivostok, 2006.



Section of issue

Civil society and state

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