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Social aspects of the development of large estates Russia (new material Pokrovsky estate family Orlov-Davydov)


The methodics of studying is represented and the most important results of microlevel research of large estate in Tambov province are considered. The object of the study was the Novo-Pokrovskoye estate of family Orlov-Davydov. This choice was not accidental. According to the level of economic organization, administration, social security of Novo-Pokrovskoye economics was one of the leading names of Central Black Earth region. Attempted microlevel study allowed analyzing the aspects of socio-economic life of the large estates of Russia, which are not visible at less detailed approach. To obtain a representative picture of the economy in the early 20th century, we used a comprehensive approach. Method of research proposed in this paper is to develop a coherent and organize the material of patrimonial archive of Novo-Pokrovskoye saving of database technologies, further definition of the role and limits the influence of large farms to external socio-economic processes (the method of spatial analysis), and, in conclusion, the study of internal socio-cultural processes of three-dimensional modeling forces. Our data actualize ideas about the nature and location of the advanced economies in the socio-economic structure of the country. Novo-Pokrovskoye economy is important participant in the socio-economic processes; it guided and catalyzed their significant territorial in girth. To work in economy workers of villages of Tambov province, and residents of Kursk and Voronezh provinces, as well as the Don Army Region would come. Material of article suggests that the economy is one of the factors of individual capitalist development; early substantial areas seriously affected the social dynamics in the areas of its location.


Novo-Pokrovskoye estate; Tambov province; databases; spatial analysis; agricultural production; ecology

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