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From the history of syntaxeme verb + infinitive in the Russian language (based on Old Russian written monuments 11th – 14th centuries)


The history of the formation of the analytical form of the future tense in the Russian language is considered. On the material of monuments of Old Russian language of various genres the evolutionary path of the means of expression of the future tense of the Russian language in a given period of linguistic history is shown. The main idea of the article is the hypothesis that, despite the obvious similar processes observed in the related Indo-European languages, each language has its own arsenal of structures that could be developed further in the direction of turning syntaxeme in analytical form, thus confirming the eternal truth of the variety of ways reflected in the language of the natural world picture. Considering the function of the finite verb and the infinitive in different contexts, the research scrutinizes the possibility of transforming data combinations in the analytical form of the future tense, coming to the conclusion that in the history of the language was the state when undifferentiated, diffuse expression of the subject-object relationship could be the basis for grammaticalization of syntaxemes V + Inf, and in order to detach and subject- and object characterizing predications.


Old Russian language; morphology; analytical form of future tense; Proto-Slavic and Indo-European genesis

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Language. cognition. culture

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