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On question about attribution and paleographic description of hand-written book monuments of 19th century about life and miracles of saint Pitirim (from collection of “Tambov regional local lore museum”)


The questions of scientific attribution and paleographic description of two little-known, previously unpublished manuscript book monuments of the 19th century of the life and miracles of saint Pitirim, Tambov miracle worker, from the collection of “Tambov regional local lore museum are considered. For the first time the creation date of the manuscripts, the history of their existence are disclosed, the autographs of saint Feofan the Recluse Vyshenskii are stated. Some of the results of the paleographic description of manuscripts are given. The characteristic of manuscripts, handwriting characteristics, materials and writing tools, design logos is considered. The type of paper, options of stamps, blind embossing paper mills, allowing determining the chronological framework of the creation of manuscripts, is analyzed. The condition of the paper, cover and bindings is given. For the first time as part of one of the manuscripts fragment is pointed out, which is the experience of drawing up the live of saint Pitirim. It is supposed that the author of the picturesque head peace with image of second bishop Pitirim of Tambov is saint Feofan the Recluse Vyshenskii. The study allows to conclude that the set of documents for the preparation of the glorification of His Eminence Pitirim in 1914 began to take shape when Bishop of Tambov and Shatsk Theophanes (Govorovo) in the 1860s.


hand-written book monument; miracles; being; saint Pitirim; saint Feofan; miniature; head peace; blind embossing stamp

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1. Istoriko-statisticheskoe opisanie Tambovskoy eparkhii / sost. protoierey Georgiy Khitrov. Tambov, 1861. 2. Evgeniy (Zhdan), ep. Svetil'nik Tserkvi Tambovskoy: k 75-letiyu proslavleniya svyatitelya Pitirima // Zhurnal Moskovskoy Patriarkhii. 1989. № 9. S. 19-20. 3. TOGBUK TOKM, Inv. kniga № 7. Inv. № 16405. 8.07.1971 g. Rukopis' v list 33,8×21,9. Listy ne pronumerovany. Soderzhit 187 listov (+ 2 forzatsnykh + 6 priperepletnykh pered nachalom teksta, + 5 predperepletnykh po okonchanii teksta. Pereplet: karton, okleen bumagoy chernogo tsveta. Koreshok kozhanyy, korichnevogo tsveta. Sokhrannost': pozheltenie, zagryaznenie bumagi, potertost' i rasslaivanie kartona, potertost' koreshka. 4. TOGBUK TOKM. KP № 6. Inv. № 10526. 5. Klepikov S.A. Filigrani i shtempeli na bumage russkogo i inostrannogo proizvodstva XVII–XX vv. URL: /03.htm (data obrashcheniya: 12.09.2014). 6. TOGBUK TOKM. Inv. kniga № 5. Inv. № 12760. Rukopis' v list 33,5×21,4 sm. Pronumerovana postranichno – soderzhit v sebe 262 stranitsy ili 131 list (+ 2 forzatsnykh, + 5 predperepletnykh nachal'nykh, + 3 pred-perepletnykh konechnykh). Pereplet: kartona, okleen tkan'yu chernogo tsveta. Koreshok – karton, okleen tkan'yu chernogo tsveta. Sokhrannost': pozheltenie, zagryaznenie bumagi, rasslaivanie kartona, vetkhost' perepleta, utrata listov 72–75 (str. 143-150). 7. Zapis' o chudesakh Svyatitelya Pitirima vtorago episkopa Tambovskogo. Rukopis'.



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