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To a question about the moment of recognition of legal capacity of human embryo


Relevance of the article is in the extensive and eloquent discussion of the problem of recognition of human embryos (in a legal context), and assigned to it the legal capacity and rights inherent in already-born person, including the most important – the right to life, in various scientific fields: be it, medicine, philosophy, and law. Of course, for the legal analysis of this problem it is necessary to appeal to the natural science advances, so the paper presents three main opinions of biologists and physicians about the importance and value of the embryo as a person. International instruments in the field of child protection and child welfare are analyzed. The Russian legislation in key areas of legal (constitutional, criminal, civil), affects the interests of the unborn, is denoted positive and negative trends in relation to them is examined. The author's position on the possibility of determining the date for legislative recognition of legal capacity and embryo protection of his life by the state is provided.


embryo; person; legal capacity; abortion; murder

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Civil society and state

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