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Corporate social responsibility as an element of strategic management: analysis of the concept


The research is devoted to extremely relevant at this point of time the direction of social responsibility in the economy. Russian practice not once proves the need for sensitivity to its own personnel. Taking into consideration the increasing lately personnel shortage this line of research is very important. The purpose of the study is to identify the major historical milestones in the development and establishment of the concept of corporate social responsibility, the allocation of key theories and ideas regarding the categories of business liability. Basic research methods are retrospective and historical analysis, analytical comparison and synthesis. It is proved that the present stage of development of the concept of responsibility is a strategic management. The company, which focuses on long-term development of their own planning horizon, should include a zone of active management of the care staff. Two main periods of formation of the concept of corporate social responsibility, which reflects the sensitivity of business to society and focus on specific indicators, are formulated.


corporate social responsibility; strategic management; “social” enterprise; business ethics

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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