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About activity of legal societies during pre-revolutionary period


The analysis of organizational and functional processes of professional legal associations during the pre-revolutionary period is given. Objective and subjective conditions of consolidation of legal community during the studied period are sun-dried and considered. Consideration of legal societies is given in a section them to scientific and practical activities. The assessment of dialogue of institutes of the public power and the legal societies expressed in insufficient number of theoretical researches of legal societies in practice is given. The conclusion that as a merit of societies it is possible to recognize the direction of attention to realization of the right, the practical importance of legal ideas and that interested lawyers a country question, territorial and city self-government, problems of the administrative, criminal and financial law is drawn. It is noted that thoughts and views of lawyers-theorists found the embodiment in a set of reports, articles, the papers published in various editions, including in own editions of legal societies. Activity of legal societies reflects the liberal and democratic movements of associations of theorists and practitioners in the field of the right that wasn't always supported from the state. Therefore, despite high activity of legal societies in theoretical area, practical fixing of idea of representatives of legal societies in norms the positive law wasn't acquired.


jurisprudence; professional legal associations; legal societies; public organizations; pre-revolutionary societies

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Civil society and state

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