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About hypothesis of density of historical time


The possible hypothesis of nature of historical time as a special variant of the natural time, and it is a basic characteristic of historical time to take special nonlinear relationship of historical causes and effects, as the formal criterion of such a relationship serves another special property of historical time – its “density” is described. This “density” is not just expressed as the simple sum of the historical events in a certain period, but a definition of the role of the subjective factor in the origin of such events. In other words, the natural and traditional origin and historical events, especially the spaces between them, the less the “density” of historical time is. Some indicators namely bifurcation periods of public life, when sharply rising role of the subjective factor, the aggregate will of the people are provided. It is quite correct to consider itself as the cause of historical time builds or destructive tendencies in such periods. As such indicators, a number of social and socio-psychological descriptors are suggested: the emergence and spread of radical ideas or explicit utopias, the growing importance of deviant values, a change of attitude to the past of the country, etc.


historical time; “density” of historical time; passionate impulse; schedule of ethnogenesis of L. Gumilev

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Questions of theory and methodology

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