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Customer loyalty program as effective tool for competitiveness enhancing of enterprise network


The concept of customer loyalty in business networks operating in the modern market economy is considered. With the increasing competition of enterprise networks for each customer, most market players use all sorts of ways of attracting new customers and “education” of loyal customers, while developing and implementing the work of the various programs to improve customer loyalty, in which the main role is played by the buyer's personal attitude to enterprise network (brand). The main group of buyers, according to which a classification of customer loyalty is developed, is considered. The article describes the factors influencing the change in customer loyalty, such as changes in economic conditions, change of residence of the buyer, market saturation and other factors of macro-and micro-level. Since customer loyalty is a relative value, it is considered rational and emotional factors of its development and maintenance of a high standard. In order to study the impact of customer loyalty programs on the competitiveness of enterprise networks, analyzed the main steps of the methods and tools of the customer loyalty programs in business networks.


enterprise network; customer loyalty; competitiveness of business network

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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