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Evolution of US relations to Hallstein doctrine (mid 50s – mid 60s. 20th century)


The evolution of the perception of the foreign policy of Germany in the context of the doctrine of Hallstein American leadership in the period from the mid-1950s until the mid-1960s is considered. The author focuses on estimates and opinions of the executive and legislative bodies of the United States on this issue, as well as analyzes the direct interaction between the two countries in the light of a number of important international events. The author concludes that the formation of foreign policy of the United States with regard to the doctrine of Hallstein in the mid-1950s – mid-1960s was highly controversial and complex process interactions between countries. However, since the mid-1960s tone of their relationship begins to change in the relationship. In light of the lessons of Berlin, and partly the Cuban missile crisis, it became clear that the refusal to compromise, the lack of dialogue and the escalation of such doctrines can lead to the outbreak of the global nuclear war that has directly affect the security interests of the United States. Before Washington had the task to prove to the world community as an example of West Germany effectiveness of the doctrine of “building bridges” through a paradigm shift, East–West relations. The leadership of the German task was to finally abandon the ossified structures Hallstein doctrine, applying a differentiated approach towards the countries of the Socialist bloc to boost its appeal in the eyes of the neighbors to the east.


evolution; Hallstein Doctrine; doctrine of “building bridges”; USA; Germany

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