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Legal capacity as fundamental property of the person


Problems connected with the legal nature of man, by definition, relevant at all times, even for seemingly cloudless present when almost everywhere proclaimed the idea of legal equality of people as the main value of a civilized society. The different points of view about the nature of legal capacity, without which the emergence of specific subjective rights and duties are discussed and analyzed. The position of the complex analysis of the existing theories concerning understanding of essence of category is expressed. A list of the essential features of legal capacity, mainly distinguish it from other legal property rights, to the disclosure of their contents. Also addresses the problems of expanding the boundaries of time standing, designated some legal obstacles that prevent the extension boundaries. Characterized types of legal capacity, especially sectoral legal capacity, where the convergence of this category with legal personality. Since the category is subject to historical fluctuations, its analysis was performed using the method of historicism.


legal capacity; human; property; essence of legal capacity; features of legal capacity; types

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Civil society and state

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