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Efficiency of budget expenditures for social development of Russia (on example of health care)


The method of estimating the efficiency of consolidated budget expenditures of the Russian Federation on social development health is considered. It is suggested to calculate by the correlation of the rate of budget expenditures growth and thegrowth of number of socio-economic indicators. The results of this comparison performs the budget expendituresefficiency. The analysis of еру budgetary funds expenses of the Russian Federation presents for 2006–2012. The research results proposed measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of expenses of the budget management of the Russian Federation on social policy. The realization of a complex of actions on optimization of the organizational structure of spending, improving the quality of planning and execution of the budgets cost is offered. The study used a systematic approach and methods of comparative analysis and analogy, synthesis and expert estimates and statistical and mathematical methods.


budget; expenditures; performance; efficiency; growth; social policy; public health; development

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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