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Categories of “freedom” and “progress” as basis of legal doctrine of A.D. Gradovsky


The effect of categories of “freedom” and “progress” on the formation of legal doctrine of A.D. Gradovsky is studied. The problem of relationship between the concepts of democratic problem, constitutional and legal state in teaching of A.D. Gradovsky is considered. Influence of idea of freedom owes its design concept in A.D. Gradovsky about human rights. Ideological commitment to reform, the approach to the study of political and legal thought and the state relying on fundamental aspects of the theory of progress is the scientific basis for the activities of A.D. Gradovsky. Prerevolutionary Russian lawyers justified, that human rights are significant institute of state law and primacy of human rights is not only a sign of property and rule of law, but its primary purpose, which is subordinated to its other characteristics. Categories of progress and freedom bring for learning of A.D. Gradovsky axiological backbone and character. Ideological legacy of A.D. Gradovsky became that direction of public opinion, which has gained experience in the formation of the constitutional legal state based on a combination of a single and a strong central government and a reasonable decentralization in local government. Individual freedom, creation of conditions of formation of civil society and rule of law, ensuring proclaimed state of the rights and freedoms are the same primary according to A.D. Gradovsky as a representative of liberal conservatism, problem as to preserve the unity of the state and the protection of its sovereignty, as the conditions for its sustainable development.


freedom; progress; A.D. Gradovsky; human rights; rule of law; doctrine of law

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Civil society and state

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