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The article is devoted to the introduction of transgenic products into the consumer market. The impact of the genetically modified potatoes on the cytological and morphological parameters of mice was investigated. Transgenic potato plants were produced by agrobacterium-mediated transformation using genetic constructions 35S-proSmAMP with marker gene npt11 of the resistance to the kanamycin. An increase in hearts mass and a decrease in spleens mass, degeneration of the ovaries and changing of the heart’ shape, the increase in liver size, increase of the amount of mucus in the intestine in mice consumed genetically modified potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) with the gene SmAMP-2 for six months are shown.


ген SmAMP-2; mice; morphological features; cytological features; genetically modified potato (Solanum tuberosum L.); a gene SmAMP-2

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