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Russian theme in artistic prose of A. Munro


The article raised the question of dialogue national literatures. The urgency of this problem is caused by the need to study the processes and outcomes of interaction between different ethnic, cultural and philosophical systems, reflected the artistic consciousness of the modern era. This problem is discussed in the article on the material of the Nobel Prize for Literature (2013) – contemporary Canadian writer Alice Munro (b. 1931). The purpose is to identify the conditions and methods of artistic interpretation of Russian literary classics in the works A. Munro, which is a favorite genre of story. By “Russian theme” here refers primarily to images, motifs and plot situations Russian classical literature, which act in the art world as factors A. Munro encoding ideas about Russia. The methodology of the study put the comparative historical approach, combined with elements of historical and cultural, biographical, intertextual and hermeneutical methods. It is proved that the basic way of introducing classical pretext to text stories A. Munro is an allusion. In this allyuziynost may be inherent in both story line of the Canadian writer of short stories and individual images or motives. Allyuziynosti source most frequently used Russian classic novel, first of all – Leo Tolstoy novel. And this despite the fact that the North American literary criticism for the name stuck A. Munro “our Chekhov”.


A. Munro; Canadian literature; the story; Nobel prize for literature; Tolstoy; Chekhov; allusion

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