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Key trends of the Russian magazine market in 2011: publishing and advertising strategies


The article deals with the development of topical problems of modern journalism and includes the identification of trends in post-crisis development of the Periodical Press in 2011. In a special section attention is drawn to rating of leading publishing houses an analysis, the analysis of which reveals the stagnation of magazine market’s proportions and a fall in total audience of largest media companies. The retardation of the concentration process in magazine segment, gives the examples of combining assets, and postulates the positive dynamics of global players mainly of Russian market is detrmined. The assessment of the domestic advertising market is systemized into two groups: positive perception of the outcome of 2011 and more conservative estimate describing inconsistency of development trends. Analysis of the advertising market’s volume and revenues confirms the conclusion increasing the amount of advertising of consumer goods by reducing the amount of advertising of expensive goods. The study reveals moderate revenue growth and allows designating the initial stage out of the crisis. Much attention is given to the study of the penetration of digital technologies in the magazine business, creating Internet sites, the emergence of mobile, iPhone and iPad versions of traditional media. It is proved that the new media formats not only multiply the amount of advertising, but also enveloped in a “trend” form of the process of broadcast advertising product. In conclusion, the findings about prospects of the industry journal media associated with new modern formats, with new platforms promoting content that will broadcast a wide variety of facilities and services that increase the amount of income and magazine business are formulated.


magazine market; the dynamics of indicators; advertising; publishing strategy; new platform

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