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Artistic development of future architects in drawing preparation


The actual questions of the creative development of future architects in the preparation of the drawing in the system of higher education are given. The characteristic of the role of imagination in the creative development of the architect is considered. The value of classes in drawing from nature, presentation and imagination in the effective training of students is specified. The model of learning architectural drawing is considered. In this model, students perform creative tasks based on knowledge of the basics of graphic literacy and graphic skills. The proposed learning model is based on the architectural drawing harmonious combination of drawing from life and from memory architectural forms and compositions with the performance of them in imagination. The stages of creative artistic activity of students are specified. The process of creating an artistic image is described. The problem of graphic and expressive art is considered. The characteristic of the artistic and expressive means of art used in the work on the architectural pattern is given. Artistic and expressive (figurative-expressive) means are of the structure and techniques that are used to implement the visual and associative work of the artist in the figurative playback world. Considered artistic and organizational (choose the format of the composite center, construction of the space, the use of compositional scheme, movement forms, etc.) and figurative-expressive means (contrast, rhythm, nuance, symmetry, plastic, etc.) of the language of art. The pedagogical conditions of efficiency of artistic and creative development of future architects in preparing the drawing are determined.


architectural drawing; expressiveness and pictorialism; creative art process; art means of expression; creative development

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741.021: 378.09




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Pedagogy of higher school

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