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Influence of organizational culture on management of human resources organization


The impact of organizational culture on the management of human resources of the organization is considered. Staff resources are the only source of internal growth of the company, who cannot take out a loan, or rent for a while. This is a long-term instrument for shaping the organization added value in the market. In this regard, the relevance of the study is based on the need to control this potential. The purpose of the study is to identify correlations between the institution organizational culture and human resources. Evaluate the nature of the synthesis of these two phenomena. The main methods of research were: a categorical analysis, the method of synthesis and analysis, the construction of correlations. It is emphasized that the organizational culture should not just generate the image component of the employee, but also acts as a means of translating the values of the organization. It is stated that only a strong culture can shape the ideological component of the organization that accepts and shares most of the employees.


organizational culture; management; personnel management; human resources; power; interpersonal relationships

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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