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Approaches to the study of Russian business climate


The up-to-date issue of investigation of entrepreneurial climate is considered. The notion “entrepreneurial climate” is described, its components are characterized. Entrepreneurial climate is considered as complex characteristic of entrepreneurial activity. The studies in this sphere are information base for improving state policy in entrepreneurial sphere. Using the experience in the study of the World Bank the laws and regulations of each country study that defines the complexity and availability of various procedures for enterprises on the basis of official data as well as assessments by experts from relevant fields are analyzed. On standardized case studies in the report submitted to quantitative regulation (number of procedures, costs and deadlines, etc.) applicable to companies at different stages of their life. Talking about politics in support of this business segment it is worth noting that in 2011 approved a draft strategy of innovative development of our country in 2020, entitled “Innovative Russia-2020” where a significant role is given to the improvement and development of support programs directly innovative entrepreneurship. According to the targets the share of Russia in the global markets of high-tech goods and services, should be at least 10,5 % by the deadline, and the share of these goods in total world exports - not less than 2 % against 0,35 % in 2008. Another large-scale international study is Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM), which started back in 1997. The project is supported by the two institutions, specializing in research in the field of entrepreneurship – London Business School (UK) and Babson College (USA). Currently GEM project represents the largest study in the field of entrepreneurship in the number of observations. Russia takes part in the project since 2006. The attempt to generalize world and home experiences of entrepreneurial climate studies and systemize different approaches to studies in this sphere is made. The different methods finding their advantages and disadvantages are assessed. The interesting statistic data which characterize entrepreneurial climate in modern Russia is offered. Analysis of these data allows arguing that in our country favorable conditions for development of entrepreneurship has not been established.


business climate; development strategy; legislation norms; entrepreneurship activity; public policy; monitoring

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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