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Military and musical traditions as means of formation of Suvorov Military College cadets’ civil and patriotic competences


Widespread use of military attributes and symbols of military history, including military musical traditions, is considered to be an effective way of patriotic civil competence, civicupbringing, spirituality and moral qualities of the cadets’ personality. Militarized component is based on the military-music traditions. It is an organizational aspect of life of specialized military educational institution of secondary professional education “Moscow Military Music College of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation” and is closely associated with informative value-semantic content pillars of education, what is the meaning pedagogical and educative potential of the cadets’ lifestyle. Introduced software and methodological tools can serve as a theoretical basis for the design and development of educational programs, elective courses, adapted to the conditions of a particular school.


patriotic upbringing; military and musical traditions; civil and patriotic competence

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Problems of youth’s socialization in modern world

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