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Causes and conditions of crime


Development and implementation of criminology its recommendations into practice quite convincingly demonstrated the reality and establish causal relationships in the problem of crime and conditions conducive to crime. The legislator secured duty law enforcement agencies to identify the causes and conditions of crime and receive (within its capabilities and competencies) measures to prevent them. The reason is a kind, one of the forms of determination, which is defined as any regular dependence between the various processes and phenomena. The aim is to study the causes of crime in Russia. To achieve this goal a number of tasks was formed: study of the causes and conditions of crime; study of causation; research the causes of crime classification; study and analysis of crime statistics. Thus, the relevance of the topic is determined by the needs of practice in the theoretical development of the problem causes of crime and justification of optimal preventive measures as well as legal influence on her. The relevance of research in connection with the formation of national and regional programs to combat crime increases.


crime; causes and conditions of crime; causal link; classification of causes of crime

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Civil society and state

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