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Sports culture as factor of healthy personality formation


The sports culture as a significant social phenomenon necessary for the formation of a healthy personality is considered. One of the main areas needed to build a healthy society is the development of physical culture and sports. The classification of different types of sport that existed in Russia since the late 19th century to the present is given. Taking part in sports is not only “active” rest, which implies the pursuit of maximum physical achievements, but a variety of different types of leisure activities with a view to pleasure or entertainment, leading to formation of the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Studying the works of researchers V.K. Balsevich, O.V. Kozyreva, L.I. Lubysheva, V.I. Carpenter, the concept of “sports culture” viewing it primarily as part of the general culture is considered. Sports culture is one of the key areas that affect the healthy way of life. Core values of sports culture are health, physical perfection, sporting achievements, increasing productivity, human upbringing and culture. Currently along with classic sports there are many young sports disciplines. But despite the variety of sporting events and general promotion of healthy lifestyles, not all fit in sports regularly. The adherence to regular employment in the sport helps to improve a person’s mood, increases physical endurance and helps prevent diseases. It is important to start taking care of healthy lifestyles from an early age. It is concluded that the presence of solid human attitudes towards their health, environment, development of sports culture, rational allocation of free time leads to a harmonious unity of all components of health and holistic development of the individual.


valueology; physical culture; sports; movable and immovable sport; sports culture

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Problems of youth’s socialization in modern world

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