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Leveling threats as process of ensuring economic security of state


The author's interpretation of the concept of “leveling” as the process of identifying threats to economic security of the state, arising from exposure to specific sectors of the economy in order to design its development to achieve the state's economic security is offered. Economic goal of leveling the economic security is selected, tasks of economic leveling are defined such as definition of sectors of the economy, providing the greatest influence on the state of economic security; identification of threats to economic security; smoothing the identified threats to economic security; development of complex of measures on development of the economy, aimed at reducing threats from their functioning; development sectors of the economy to a new level of development to achieve economic security and smoothing of the threats identified; implementation of the designed set of measures; creation of conditions for achieving relative economic security in the modern world. The objects, subjects and subjects of economic leveling are selected. The subject of economic leveling is the economic relations arising in the process of economic security through the identification and smoothing of threats from exposure to specific sectors of the economy. Subjects are the participants of economic relations arising in the process of ensuring economic security of the state: the state, private business and the individual. The graphical depiction of the process of leveling and a brief description of each stage of the process is proposed.


homogenization; economic security; threats to economic security

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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