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Personnel development in the system of strategic management of industrial enterprises


The article covers problems of development of personnel in the system of management of industrial enterprises. Effective management of industrial enterprise is impossible without creation within it such an atmosphere when the entire staff is committed to achieving a common goal, each feels personal involvement in the victories and defeats of the team. Understanding that the overall high level of control can only emerge if everyone will work to the maximum of realizing the potential. Thus, strategic management, has at its disposal all the necessary methods of planning and organization of work, aimed at finding practical methods and mechanisms of effective personnel management. Main objective is to ensure the highest level of efficiency. It is important to note that the management of people at the industrial enterprises at the expense of the effective system of the strategy of personnel development, which includes many important elements and methods of assessment of human resources. In practice, however, Russian industrial enterprises need to use the methods of modeling in their system of management and staff development.


personnel management; strategic management; methods of forecasting and modeling

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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