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Perfection of swimming technique of young sportsmen at initial preparation stage


Swimming is one of the most popular and mass sports. The ability to swim is one of the life-saving skills. Swimming is one of the most important and of physical education, so it is included in the content of programs of physical education pre-school, secondary schools, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions. Many authors dealing with this problem show a low percentage of children who can swim. Thanks to the sports, applied, improving and all-developing value, swimming makes one of the main sections of social programs of improvement and physical training of various age groups of the population. In system of physical training swimming is presented as mass means of versatile physical development and vital skill, to seize which each citizen from children's age, and also mass means of improvement and a hardening, active recreation of the population has to; means of a professional and applied orientation. Now wide positive experience of development and implementation of the “private” programs in the field of physical culture and sport directed on improvement of quality of work at sports schools is saved up. Application of the differentiated approach at a stage of initial training of young swimmers is in detail described. The state of health and level of physical development demand more detailed studying and generalization as physical activities at sports schools considerably exceed loadings at lessons at school.


swimming; diving equipment; stages of training athletes

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Experience of organization of modern education

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