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Methodological aspects of forming the needs of motor activity of students in the conditions of the sports club of the University


The problem of forming the needs of motor activity among students in terms of the sports club is considered. Physical culture of personality is a complex system of education. Presented in its elements are closely interlinked and interdependent. The source component of the activity, with the motive force, is motivation. From the point of view of motivation can talk about targeting individuals forming activity during athletic activity. The content of the method of forming the needs of motor activity of students is disclosed. The basis of this methodology is the basic principles of physical culture and modern trends in the organization of motor activity of the young person. Among these, there are the differentiation of the type selection motor activity and individualization of physical activity undertaken in the course of physical exercise. The practical significance of the proposed approach lies in the fact that its use in practice not only improves the level of physical preparedness of students, but also shapes their values and attitudes to their own health, the need for regular physical training and sports, forms important personal qualities, expanding worldview. The proposed pedagogical conditions and principles of practice in sports clubs of the University are innovative, learner-centered nature and can be applied in the learning process of students on courses of improvement of professional skill and professional retraining of specialists, focused on different areas of knowledge.


moving activity; needs; motivation; individualized physical activity; humanization of education; tolerance.

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Experience of organization of modern education

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