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Recreational technologies in forming of students’ health culture


In today's world the commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a decisive factor for achieving success in the business field and the development of personal qualities of a man. A healthy lifestyle in the unity of its components, biological and social is a social value, strengthening is a priority task of any civilized society. A significant role in the upbringing of the young person belongs to the graduate school. The large opportunities in the context of developing spiritually and physically healthy personality endowed recreational technologies of socio-cultural activities that allow you to create qualitatively new level of educational environment. The definition of recreational technologies is given which are purposeful pedagogical process of the integrated development of the whole set of principles, forms, methods, functions, and tools of socio-cultural activities focused on the improvement of lifestyle and improving the culture of life, satisfaction a variety of recreational needs (needs for physical rehabilitation, strengthening and improvement of health, interesting, meaningful leisure, rich communicative activity, mental relaxation and etc.).


recreational technology; health culture; healthy way of life; youth; high school

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Pedagogics and psychology

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