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Essence and specificity of ethnic-cultural socialization of teenagers in regional folklore dance study


In clause the problem ethnic-cultural community in a society of the teenagers is considered during development of regional folklore dance. The theoretical analysis of the references is submitted, in which the questions community in a society, ethnic culture, folklore dance were studied, and on their basis are determined essence and specificity of considered pedagogical process. Ethno-cultural relevance of socialization in adolescence age period due to the fact that teenagers are a social group requires close attention. This is due to the status of uncertainty and search for social roles and the difficulty of their development. The age psychological characteristics create additional conditions for internalization teenagers radical ideas and implementing them in extremist activity that causes the particular vulnerability of the negative influences of the West. In ethno-cultural socialization of teenagers can play a decisive role choreography and, in particular, the regional folk dance that has significant educational potential in solving this problem. The ethno-cultural component choreographic activity allows young people to explore more deeply the folk art culture and practically master various styles and genres ethno-art creative activity. The inherent in dance socio-cultural orientation allow him to play a significant role in the process of socialization, promoting the full comprehension of teenagers the world of popular culture. Russian folk dance in each region differs only his peculiar vocabulary, methods, manner and style of execution, expressive terms and weaves the arm with clear rhythm, original drawing, the source of which can serve as the appearance of everything that surrounds us: nature, work, life, social relations, folk artistic creativity. The ethno-cultural essence of socialization of adolescents in the course of development of the regional folk dance is a purposeful process of learning pedagogical teenager realities and ideals of culture, social norms and values, develop cultural needs and attitudes, life orientation and ethnic and cultural identity, necessary for the successful functioning of an individual in a given society through the study of the best choreographic patterns of regional national and world culture, which is the basis for future use and interpretation of knowledge and experience in personal fulfillment throughout his later life and the formation of cultural world views. Specificity of ethno-cultural socialization of adolescents in the course of development of the regional folk dance is variability pedagogical programs, enabling them to individual national and world culture through the impact on the mind and behavior of a teenager in order to form his understanding of universal moral human values, development of ethno-cultural experience and communication activities in a modern, multicultural society and creative self-realization based on the preservation and development of regional dance traditions.


ethnic-cultural socialization of teenagers; folklore; dance.

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Pedagogics and psychology

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